Avoid Dead-end Dialog

I just saw a blurb on Facebook that was titled Stupid Things People Say to Artists. Irreverent in tone, it actually related to posts I wrote earlier this year – Questions to Ask an Artist (April 2019), and Continuing the Dialog (May 2019). Yes, over the years I have actually had people say such things to… Read More

Continuing the Dialog

My last blog post addressed the desire of many collectors to engage in fruitful dialog with artists whose work they admire, find interesting, and even might want to collect. Recognizing that the opportunity to participate in meaningful conversation about art can benefit both the audience member as well as the artist, you might ask “so what… Read More

Questions to Ask an Artist

A friend confided in me that because she lacks art training, she often feels tongue-tied when talking to artists – yet she loves art and wants to collect it with a sense of intention. She asked me what questions I’d enjoy answering. I thought her interest in creating meaningful dialog was terrific, and so I spent… Read More

Joanne Beaule Ruggles

Your Art Deserves a Title

Yes, it does. Your art deserves a title, and your audience does too. I know that some artists do not agree with me and that is their prerogative. Their argument is that the art should stand alone, the visual image needs no verbal description, the mark wants no interpretation. Fine. But here are some benefits a… Read More

Talking About Art

In the university studio art classes I taught, it was my habit to ask each student to submit a ½ to 1 page statement of intent when they turned in their creative solutions to my assignments. On the day of our class critique, each student would stand at the front critique wall next to their project,… Read More

Joanne Beaule Ruggles

No Apologies for Structural Lines

Structural lines need no apology. Show how you found your way, what you thought, and how you changed your mind as you shaped your artwork – allow your viewer in! Documentation of the creative process within your artwork provides an additional layer of understanding between you and the viewer. You gain nothing by keeping them in… Read More