Joanne Beaule Ruggles

No Apologies for Structural Lines

Structural lines need no apology. Show how you found your way, what you thought, and how you changed your mind as you shaped your artwork – allow your viewer in!

Documentation of the creative process within your artwork provides an additional layer of understanding between you and the viewer. You gain nothing by keeping them in the dark. Any way you can inform your audience about your process will provide value and meaning to them in greater awareness of your intent as an artist, and of the intent and work process utilized in your artwork. This might include photo documentation of your art as it develops, photos or videos of you in your work environment, or illuminating descriptions of your tools or processes. But it also could involve consciously preserving preliminary strategic lines placed within your composition to describe what abstract shapes you saw first, or retaining lines that analyze the dynamic forces of a specific structure.

Art does not materialize in a vacuum. There is quite often struggle involved; specific effort put forward, a search for resolution before resolution is found. There are false starts, we do have moments when we question our work – it is the same in all of the arts. Why would we attempt to hide that fact? Your audience will not dismiss your efforts if you do not seem to effortlessly move toward your creative goal. It is quite human to have doubts and missteps, and the ability to persevere despite obstacles is what often elicits the greatest admiration.



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