Finding Affirmations

I like words, and I really enjoy the efforts of talented writers. I can recall my 11th grade teacher Mrs. Evangeline Hart, reading her favorite pieces of literature to our English class. You could tell she loved the words so much that they were alive to her, and as a result they came alive for us. Maybe this is why I collect literary passages, poems, and various inspirations? Maybe it is because my mother took the three of us kids to the library early and often? No matter the source of the connection, I cannot seem to stop collecting beautiful words. I am convinced it helps the quality of my life and my creative efforts to find literary affirmations and hold them close. Here is one I copied in long-hand several decades ago:

“Try to learn to breathe deeply,

really to taste food when you eat,

and when you sleep, really to sleep.

Try as much as possible to be wholly alive,

with all your might,

and when you laugh, laugh like hell.

And when you get angry, get good and angry.

Try to be alive.

You’ll be …dead soon enough.”

– William Saroyan

If you like me, collect affirmations…perhaps you will want to add this to yours?